Capture One Pro / Enterprise

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Capture One Pro / Enterprise

Free Download Capture One Pro / Enterprise full version for Windows PC is the professionals’ choice in imaging software with support for more than 500 cameras from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, etc.

Overview of Phase One Capture One Pro 

Capture One continues to lead the way in RAW file image editing. Our expertise in creating customized color profiles for more than 400 cameras and our relentless dedication to creative freedom has brought recognition to Capture One’s workflow, exceptional color handling, and precision editing tools.

Capture One converter is equipped with ICC- profiles for each camera model, which significantly improves the quality of treatment and provides the best possible quality color reproduction. It allows you to convert RAW- images ( including batch mode ) to obtain excellent results with the default settings (Auto Adjustments) for many cameras – so you can, for example, quickly adjust the white balance and exposure to slightly increase the contrast or darken or lighten the image, which significantly speeds up the processing of photos.

Capture One is built to minimize your workload and maximize efficiency, from customizable tools and keyboard shortcuts to graphics acceleration and instant tethered capture. Design your workspace and decide your way of working in Capture One.

Features of Phase One Capture One Pro

  • New 3-Way Color Balance Tool for color grading
  • Dynamic Locations for optimized workflow
  • High-resolution previews for 4K and 5K monitors
  • Resizable Curve and Color Balance tools
  • General under-the-hood improvements for tethering
  • Improved graphics in the tool Library
  • New 5-point Curve preset for ease-of-use

System Requirements and Technical Details

  • Intel or AMD CPU with two cores
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • 10 GB of free hard disk space
  • Calibrated monitor with 1280×800, 24-bit resolution at 96dpi
  • Windows 8.1 64-bit or Windows 10 64-bit, or Windows 11

Capture one pro vs lightroom

When weighing Capture One Pro against Adobe Lightroom, you’re comparing two top-tier photo editing and management applications that cater to a wide range of photography workflows. Each platform shines in different areas, offering unique features that appeal to various aspects of professional and amateur photography. Here’s a concise overview to help distinguish between the two based on their core features and capabilities:

Image Enhancement and Quality

  • Capture One Pro stands out for its exceptional image enhancement capabilities, especially noted for its color fidelity, sharpness, and the ability to pull details from shadows and highlights. Its color editing tools are highly sophisticated, making it the preferred choice for many in the fashion and product photography sectors.
  • Lightroom also delivers high-quality image processing, with a more accessible approach to adjustments. While some may argue it slightly lags behind Capture One in the fineness of raw processing, it nonetheless produces professional-grade results that satisfy a broad audience.

Tethered Shooting Support

  • Capture One Pro is the industry standard for tethered shooting, offering robust and reliable features that allow photographers to connect their camera directly to their computer for immediate feedback during sessions.
  • Lightroom includes tethered shooting functionalities but with a more basic setup. It caters well to straightforward tethering scenarios but doesn’t offer the depth of control provided by Capture One.

Interface and Workflow

  • Capture One Pro allows extensive customization of its workspace, catering to photographers who like to tailor their editing environment to their specific process. This customization capability, however, means there’s a higher learning curve.
  • Lightroom features a cleaner, more intuitive interface that’s easier for newcomers to grasp. Its workflow is streamlined, though it offers less flexibility in interface customization compared to Capture One.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

  • Lightroom excels in organizing and managing digital assets, with a powerful library module that’s intuitive for tagging, searching, and categorizing large photo collections.
  • Capture One Pro has made strides in asset management with its catalog and session-based workflows. While traditionally seen as less intuitive than Lightroom for library management, it appeals to photographers who work on discrete projects or sessions.

System Performance

  • Capture One Pro is often cited for its efficient performance, handling large image files and extensive edits more fluidly, particularly on computers with limited resources.
  • Lightroom has improved its performance over the years but historically has been critiqued for slower operations, especially with sizable libraries. Recent updates have significantly enhanced its speed and efficiency.

Pricing Models

  • Capture One Pro offers the choice between a subscription model and a perpetual license, providing flexibility for those who prefer to own their software.
  • Lightroom is available through Adobe’s subscription-based Creative Cloud, bundling Lightroom Classic, the cloud-based Lightroom, and Photoshop. This ongoing subscription model ensures users receive the latest updates but requires a continuous financial commitment.

Integration with Other Applications

  • Lightroom is tightly integrated within Adobe’s Creative Cloud ecosystem, offering seamless workflows with Photoshop and other Adobe applications, an advantage for those already using these tools.
  • Capture One Pro, while primarily a standalone application, supports various plugins and some integration with third-party software, though it doesn’t offer as extensive an ecosystem as Adobe.


Deciding between Capture One Pro and Lightroom hinges on what aspects of photo editing and management are most critical to your workflow. Capture One is favored for its superior image quality, advanced color correction, and tethered shooting capabilities. Lightroom, conversely, offers a streamlined workflow, exceptional digital asset management, and the benefit of integration with Adobe’s broader suite of creative tools.


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